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Vehicle Maintenance tips during the monsoon

1. Regular service and a few important extras

                         Make sure that your bike revives its regular service before the downpo more...

Tourer's Guide - Meals on the Move

What to Eat ?? 

We keep  a regular check on our bikes during trips, and the same should go for our bodies. Touring requires a lot of energy and stamina, which calls for the intake of right food. 

One should keep awa more...

Rules to ride safe

Stay Hydrated

The human body sweats during the summer, while during winter the body has to work a lot to keep itself warm . Thus we need a regular intake of liquids at all times to stay hydrated . But stay away from roadside water and make sure you only d more...

Carrying Passengers on your two-wheeler

A motorbike is very unlike any other vehicle like a car or any other four-wheeled vehicle, as it does not have any of the safety measures that are present in them. Therefore, driving a motorcycle is a task that has to be taken with the utmost caution more...

Choosing Eye Protection

Eyes, the most sensitive sense organ, are exposed to the pollution and swift wind that may cause irrepairable damage to them. Therefore protection of this most precious gift to mankind is to be kept in mind while riding a motorbike.

Th more...

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