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Rules to ride safe

Stay Hydrated

The human body sweats during the summer, while during winter the body has to work a lot to keep itself warm . Thus we need a regular intake of liquids at all times to stay hydrated . But stay away from roadside water and make sure you only drink mineral water, that too of reputed brands.

Alcohol consumed in any volume, is a strict no-no! Even energy drinks such as Red Bull should be avoided as they dehydrate the body a lot. To keep warm opt for tea or soup instead of rum or brandy.

Sports drink such as Gatorade , which is a re-hydrant  , are ideal in the scorching summer heat as they replenish the body with essential salts and minerals.

High-Energy Food

Riders who venture out North into the Himalayas or the ones who ride around the country at the peak of the winter season should carry along dry fruits.

Even chocolates or biscuits with butter and nuts are helpful. They give the body necessary ingredients to generate constant body warmth. Having more than the required amount can be harmful too. It may lead to dizziness , hence do not overeat. Chocolates such as Snickers are full of energy and cashew-nuts are the best dry-fruits to be had during winter rides.

Hygiene and Medication

Good hygiene on a long drive is very important. While riding a bank , your hands are exposed to various elements and even if you are wearing good gloves you can't be too sure how clean the gloves are from inside.Carry paper soap along to wash your hands, wiping the plates with a tissue and washing glasses with some water is also recommended.

Always carry general medicines for cold/cough/ fever/ bad stomach / pain etc.

Pack it well

Most of you have invested in a set of saddle and tank bags for touring , if not, do it at the earliest. They make life much easier when it comes to carrying around all the luggage. Water bottles can be carried either on the side , or on the top as well as within the straps. The tank bag can be used for storing quick bites like wafers, biscuits and chocolates. Most shoulder bags also have nets for bottles.

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