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Vehicle Maintenance tips during the monsoon

1. Regular service and a few important extras

                         Make sure that your bike revives its regular service before the downpour starts . Take care of essential things like engine oil, carburettor cleaning, lubrication of the chain  and air filter cleaning.

                         Check the clutch and accelerator and lube/change them if required. Check out the brake pads/liners and replace if worn out .

2. Tyre Check

                         Check the bike's tyre for any tread wear. Change them if the grooves are beginning to fade away . Always get good quality tyres instead of cheap ones.

3. Prevent corrosion of the tank        

                         Often the bike's paint chips off due to minor accidents, scratches or other reasons. Get a paint touch up done to prevent the metal underneath from corrosion.

4. Check the eletricals

                           The headlamp , tail lamp and indicators help others see you on the road so make sure they are working perfectly . The reflective surface on the headlamp and tail lamp should be changed if necessary.

5. Prevention from rust

                            The bolts tend to rust due to constant exposure to water and dirt, specially the ones located under the engine. They should be sprayed with lubricants along with the rest of the exposed nuts and bolts.

6. Seat maintenance

                            The seat cover should be checked for rips as they slightest rip will allow the water to seep through and damage the seat.

7. Do not cover the front of the engine

                            Never put a sheet in front of he engine to keep water away as most Indian bike use air cooling technology and so need constant sir flow to keep the temperature down . Instead , put a flap at the end of the front fender to prevent water from splashing onto the engine and your feet.

8. Parking tips

                         It is recommended that you park the bike in a covered area instead of in the open . In case of no option, use a bike cover to protect the bike.

9. Helmet check

                         It is always good to use a scratch proof and anti fog vision during the rains . Most Indian helmets do not have an inner lining which protects the water from seeping inside the helmet . In such case use a duct tape to seal off the upper side of the helmet .

10. Keep it above the water

                         While wading through deep water , make sure the exhaust opening is above the water surface.

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