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Tourer's Guide - Meals on the Move

What to Eat ?? 

We keep  a regular check on our bikes during trips, and the same should go for our bodies. Touring requires a lot of energy and stamina, which calls for the intake of right food. 

One should keep away from deep fried food and stuff like Italian and Chinese food. Always  stop on busy eating joints  or 'dhabas' as they are popularly known . Always park your bike within your line of sight because you don't want someone to take away your luggage while you are munching away.

Order fast moving items like dal-chawal or chawal-kadhi as there is a less chance of these being stale. Avoid 'fresh' salad as you never know how stale it is.

Lassi is famous in North India, and during winter, soups and tea are recommended on a regular basis. Regarding where to stay to catch a wink or two , choose places which have some amount of crowd and it dosen't hurt to get a little friendly with them.

Nowadays, Reliance A1 plazas are propping up all over the country and are the best places to halt for some food and rest.

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