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Carrying Passengers on your two-wheeler

A motorbike is very unlike any other vehicle like a car or any other four-wheeled vehicle, as it does not have any of the safety measures that are present in them. Therefore, driving a motorcycle is a task that has to be taken with the utmost caution. If you intend to carry passengers on your bike, there are a few precautions you must take for a safer ride.

To start with, you must be an experienced biker, and your motorcycle should be equipped to carry passengers other than you.

As it takes time for you to adjust to the other person's weight, you should ideally drive at a slow speed before revving up the engine. Take it slow, initially.

It will help if your co-rider is seated directly behind you, and after you've started the bike. He/she can assist you in asking for route information, traffic signals etc.

Apart from your driving skills, a few technical details are to be taken into count. This would include modifying your suspension to withstand additional weight, checking tyre pressure etc.

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