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Choosing Eye Protection

Eyes, the most sensitive sense organ, are exposed to the pollution and swift wind that may cause irrepairable damage to them. Therefore protection of this most precious gift to mankind is to be kept in mind while riding a motorbike.

The use of a helmet is the best mode to keep particulate matter (like dust and dirt), rain, insects and debris away from your eyes, besides providing safety to your head and face, in case of an accident. But enough room for eyeglasses or sunglasses is essential. .

Wearing a face shield is also advised if you wear glasses to prevent them from being blown off.

Moreover goggles should not be worn while driving at night and even during the day time dark glasses should be avoided as they may reflect the sunlight into others' eyes.

The other consideration while choosing glasses or goggles should be that it covers your eyes entirely. Do not forget to check if the glasses are shatter proof or not. In the eventuality of an accident, you must not run the additional risk of having shattered glass pieces in your eyes.

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