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Maruti A-Star v/s Hyundai i10

Recently I was on a hunt to buy a small car -my first car. The two shortlisted candidates were Maruti A-star and Hyundai i10. A brief review of of what my experience o driving both the cars turned out to be- The A-star is buzzy and willing motor, handling is agile and its a great city car . The styling and interior give it a lot of attitude. Superbly equipped with safety features not found in other cars i this bracket.Being a Maruti , fuel efficiency is good. .The rear seats are however, small and cramped and luggage space is severely compromised. The i10 is around Rs. 35000 cheaper is woefully short on equipment and feels like a bare cave in comparison to the A-Star.But once you start driving , you might fall in love with this car. It has a strong and smooth motor and is much more practical of the two cars. The interiors are far better and offers more space and comfort . Feels like a complete car.

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