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Mercedes AMG W124 Hammer 1989

Mercedes AMG W124 Hammer 1989 When BMW debuted the M1-powered M5 sedan as a concept in 1984, Mercedes-Benz tuner AMG countered the threat by building a hot-rodded version of the E-Class, infused with a tuned V-8 borrowed from the 560 SEC and rated at 355 horsepower. Dubbed “The Hammer,” AMG’s super sedan could also be ordered with an engine bored to 6.0-liters and blueprinted, an option that added nearly $40,000 to the Hammer’s $56,000 base price tag.

Few were built, and among Mercedes-Benz performance enthusiasts, the cars remain a coveted piece of AMG history. This 1989 Mercedes-Benz AMG W124 Hammer, for sale comes with the 6.0-liter V-8, rated at 385 horsepower and good for a claimed top speed of 190 MPH. The interior is said to be original and in excellent condition, and mechanically the car is described as in great condition and well-maintained. From the seller’s description:

"This 1989 AMG Hammer currently shows only 48000 miles on the odometer, this a genuine 6.0L version of AMG’s legendary four door supercar. The W124 was arguably a peak for Benz, both in terms of build quality and style, at least for those of us who love blocky, minimal Eighties German design. look is a huge win. Though subtle by today’s standards, the bespoke body kit worn by Hammers was actually pretty extreme for the time. Overall it’s aged superbly and makes us pine for the days when engineering and not marketing dictated the shape of MB’s cars. . Inside its 100% original with signature Recaro interior , and wurl wood trim..

The interior is in excellent condition. Black leather in a black car is a classy look, and apart from a 320 KMH speedometer, the only way you’d know you were in something a bit more special than a 300E is the sleek AMG body kit and original black 3 piece AMG wheels Standard displacement for these later Hammers was 5.6 liters, though this one runs the optional overbore 6.0 motor. M117 based, AMG motor with DOHC good for 385HP in these ultimate six liter versions. This one should be good for 190 MPH (or more, depending on which report you believe) all-out. It looks quite clean under the hood, though totally unassuming with a standard MB air cleaner housing. The car is in great mechanical condition, and as we expect it’s been well-maintained–these were not inexpensive machines after all, originally sticker price was $160.000 when new nearly three decades ago. Come 1990 the less-expensive, more widely available Porsche-built 500E would steal much of the Hammer’s impact, but as great as that car was it doesn’t come close to the AMG in terms of exclusivity or street cred."

This car is for sale in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is priced at $87,500.

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