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Audi Q2 - the Baby SUV

This baby SUV from Audi is all set for to come to India. And with the launch, the Q2 will be the most affordable, premium vehicle in India. It will also be the smallest SUV in the Audi line up, positioned below the Q3.

Audi does not have the A3 hatchback version (only the Sedan and Cabriolet are available) in India and hence the Q2 will rival the Mercedes A Class and the BMW 1 series. While the BMW 1 series and X1 starts from Rs. 29-30 lacs, Mercedes A Class starts from Rs. 27 lacs the Q2 is expected to start from Rs. 25 lacs giving it an edge over the rivals.


Audi unveiled this car at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and it is plainly evident that the Q2 sports the beginning of the next generation design philosophy. The front polygonal grille, newly designed headlamps and tail lamps makes it quickly evident.

One complain that Audi has been facing in the international model is the lack of adequate leg space. But the Indian model is expected to have the long wheel base which is being designed from China. Also, Audi is trying to use common parts from Volkswagen and source them from China to make it cheaper.

India is currently witnessing a plethora of launches in the compact SUV segment, but there is none in the premium category yet and Audi is looking to plug in this gap. The car measures 4191 mm in length and is fairly light at 1205 kgs.

The big selling point would be the ground clearance, which at 200 mm is much higher (think Ecosport and Duster) than competition and also makes it an able pseudo off-roader.

The car is aimed at the urbane, young crowd. Young CEOs, second generation business people who want something flashy and fun to drive in the premium segment, but at the same time practical enough for city traffic.
To make the design more like an SUV, the B and C pillar are painted another color. And the effect is as intended.


Internationally the car is available in 3 engine options in each petrol and diesel with Manual and AT options available.
In India, the car is expected to get the 1.4 TFSI engine and the 1.6 or the 2.0 litre TDI engine with manual and Automatic options.

Comfort and Convenience

The car has all the bells and whistles generally accompanying an Audi. Fit and finish is in the range of higher Audi cars. The cockpit style design of the center console has a 12.3 inch multimedia screen which is expected to be carried over to the Indian model.

The car is fitted with lane departure warning system, Stop and Go assist, traffic sign recognition, traffic jam assist, Audi active lane assist and much more. How many of these features are carried over to the Indian version remains to be seen as Audi has to keep the pricing in mind.

The first look says that Audi will have a winner on its hands with the launch of this car.

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