Expert's Guidance

This SUV makes immediate sense due to its quick-witted diesel engine , even though its ride and handling leave a lot to be desired for. It is largely trouble-free though a few things are required to be checked before buying one. 

Check to see if there is any oil around the engine seals or the cylinder heads. Inspect the area around the turbo unit for oil spillage, if you see one , walk away as it surely will be an expensive repair.Also see that the exhaust does not emit dark black smoke.

Overheating is a problem observed in some original Scorpios, a problem which was rectified in later models. The clutch was also a problem point on some of the earlier cars.

Check to see that all the electrical systems are working fine , especially the power windows and check the fused box for replaced fuses. Check the AC , because any problems could hit your wallet to the extent of Rs. 7,000.

The plastic trim inside the cabin is not very exciting and feels cheap but the seat fabrics are decent .The Scorpio also suffers from a limited row space , so it dosen't score too high on the comfort front.

Prices currently available in the market are :

Year                   Rs.
2003                4,50,000
2004                5,25,000
2005 (CRDe)    6,50,000
2006 (CRDe)    7,80,000

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