Expert's Guidance

Ford Ikon 1.6 is not manufactured any more and it is known to a tad expensive to maintain , thanks partly to its lower than expected mileage. 

Before you buy one make sure that the car is in a good condition as the spares and parts are expensive to replace.If the car pulls to one side , cjances aare that the suspension might be damaged. If there is a screech you will need to change the timing belt. Replacing the suspension will cost you around Rs.20000-25000.

The Ikon is a good car to drive .The fabric inside the car tends to soil rather fast, but nothing a good vaccum job can't alter.

Make sure to check the car for shunts , especially the rear bumper and tailgate, which due to poor visibility frequently collides with electric pillars and large boulders while reversing.

Its spares are costlier compared to Accent and Esteem , two cars selling for roughly the same price.

The Ikon 1.6 is a dream car if you enjoy driving and are on a tight budget.

Prices currently available in the market are :

Year    Rs.
2003    1,90,000
2004    2,30,000
2005    2,90,000
2006    3,60,000

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