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If you like to drive yourself around , then the Ford Fiesta is the car for you.The car is a sheer delight to drive carrying forward the Ikon's 'josh' legacy. 

Both the engines deliver power in a smooth and effortless way and develop a decent amount of grunt from low down in the power band which translates into fewer gearshifts in the city.

The petrol motors tend to have a throttle body problem, so a jerky throttle could well be a costly affair to repair out of warranty. Be alert to check whether the car makes a loud screeching noise which will indicate a required change in the time belt. Do not miss to check the brakes. If you need to press the pedal fully before it actually functions chances are that you will end up spending a considerable amount on the same.

The Fiesta's body shell is tough and built-to-last , but check signs for shunt.Replacing body panels can be expensive.

Another concern for buyers is the economy of the petrol variants , which has been observed to be lower than the class leader Honda City ZX. Getting the injectors cleaned would marginally improve the efficiency.

While the cost of spares isn't the cheapest in the class,Ford has managed to reduce them substantially .The boot is decent, but interiors fall short of the high quality seen in the Honda City.Currently only a handful of Fiestas are available in the used car market.

Prices of the different models are approximately as under:

Year    Rs.
2005    4,90,000
2006    5,20,000
2007     5,60,000











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