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The virtuous first car fast replacing the unassuming Maruti 800. Its compact dimensions, light controls and sprightly performance ensure that it is a hoot to drive in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

But the problem with the Alto is a fair degree of intrusive engine noise from the small 796 c engine. The Alto delivers on solid build with a considerably more reassuring feel than a Wagon R or Zen .But the time honored Maruti problem of boy rattles still persists in the Alto. The suspension and the driver axle won't be a cause of concern before the car hits 70,000 km.

The main cause of concern will be the brakes as the pads will require a change after every 15,000-20,000 km . Electrics are top-notch and not a cause of worry. This car remains rush-free even after years of ownership.

As a rule, the AC cools the cabin quite well so if there is any inconsistency in the cooling, check the AC coils or compressor.If the car has any problems then be sure to haggle on the price due to the same.

Cabin plastics are not the best around and tend to loose their sheen soon but a decent dose of polish is sure to fix that up.The car is a bit compact and more appropriate for singles than for families.

The prices of the body parts are not at all exorbitant and are easily available.Overall, Alto is a sensible and reliable city commuter and a good choice as a first car.

Current prices for the different models are:

Year     Rs.
2003    1,60,000
2004    1,90,000
2005    2,30,000
2006    2,60,000

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