Expert's Guidance

Essentially a luxury car with classy looks and comfortable interiors , it is also a family car. The built is better than most other cars in this class with an equally good ride quality. The Laura is built on the Volkswagen platform and is a substitute for the Octavia in the international market. 

Benefits include good fuel economy,reduced emissions and substantially increased performance. However, though the engine delivers on most fronts, noise control is poor, specially in the diesel car .Moreover, the staid design and the plastic chrome coating on the gear fades and burnishes with age.

Make sure to check the suspension when inspecting th tyres. The Laura has an excellent suspension so if the car has a bumpy ride,expect to make repairs to the suspension , which can cost you around Rs. 15000. so make sure that the car does not require immediate attention to suspension.

The side mirrors cost around Rs. 10000 and are a prize catch for the vandals  to sell in the spares market. So haggle hard with the seller , if any are missing.

In case of electrics, check the electrically-operated seat , since spares aren't easily or cheaply available.Also check the stereo display which doubles up as a parking sensor.

The optimum in case of a used Laura would be to use it for two years and then resale it for 25 percent less than the price you paid for it.

Prices that are seen in the market for different models are:

Year     Rs.
2006    14,25,000
2007    16,00,000

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