Expert's Guidance

Spark's best feature is the size which makes good use of the gaps in traffic that most other cars can't slip through. It is a full 100 mm narrower than the Hyundai i10 and navigating the traffic becomes that much easier, specially if you are stuck in rush-hour traffic in any of the metro cities of India and are rushing to meet a deadline. 

The car is cute and cheery , but what people underestimate is the fact that the Spark is so well tuned to the urban environment , it thrives in difficult traffic situations.However,the motor is not as responsive as that of the Santro.

Another plus point is the parking. Really tight spots which you might have ignored before now are now easily used to park the Spark.

The weak poinst of the car are the central console , which is a constant pain in the knee.The driver's seat slopes forward so your thighs are supporting very little of your weight .

Other issues are that the hatch refuses to open with a keyand sometimes the motor stutters at idle and the fluttering is felt through the accelerator paddle.

But the car is perfectly suited to urban conditions and has super fuel economy and good comfort. What more can one ask for?

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