Expert's Guidance

Maruti Swift : Its a car that's great to look at , great interiors , drives and handles well and is hugely desirable. A nearly new Swift is available for as much as a new Santro. 

The Swift petrol has a light clutch , which also one of the smoothest. Make sure that the body parts don't need replacement as its spare are the costliest in this segment. The Swift suffers from body rattle , a perennial Maruti problem.

Also keep out an ear for any drumming noise which indicates problems in the front suspension. To check the shock absorbers push the car down on the bonnet and see whether it comes up freely or not.Electrics on this car are highly reliable.

The engine which is the same as that of the Esteem, is proved and tested and hence does not require more than routine servicing.

Overall, the Swift is a hugely reliable and dependable car - a perfect city companion. Another plus point is that due to its high level of desirability it will depreciate less than the other Marutis.

Prices that are seen in the market are as under:

Year     Rs.
2005    3,20,000
2006    3,60,000

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