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New Car Buyer's Guide

Step1: Verdict & Price
 Verdict: Road test reviews are standard by which the car industry judges new cars
On the Road Price: This is the price set by the car makers (also call ex-showroom price) as well as registration taxes and insurance charges, listed in Rupees lakhs.

Step2: Running Cost   
Insurance: For the cost comparison purposes, you should look towards insurance quotes for different cars.
Cost per Kilometer: Calculated over 3 years/50,000 km. Includes depreciation, road tax, maintenance and fuel but not insurance.
Servicing Cost: Regular maintenance costs including parts, labour and taxes over 3 years/30,000 km.

Step3: Performance
Average kilometer per litre (kmpl): The average figure is a weighted average of few test runs- city and highway.
Tank Range: Based on the average kilometers per litre and the car’s fuel tank size, this is the maximum distance you are able to travel after filling up the tank.
Performance Figures: Performance figures reflect acceleration (0-100kmpl) and top speed, plus power output (bhp) and torque/pulling power (kgm).

Step4: Equipment
Find out if particular model has the necessary features you want like AC/Climate control, Electric windows (F/R), leather seats, seat adjustments, alloy wheels, traction control, rear wash wipe, parking sensors and many more.

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