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Buying a Used Second-gen Honda City

The second generation Honda City was introduced in 2003 and Honda continued prodcution till 2008. The car was popularly known as the 'dolphin' car due to its design. The price of the new Honda City started from Rs. 7.25 lacs.

The price of currently for this car is between Rs. 1.80 lacs to Rs. 2.80 lacs depending on the model and year of production.

The car is still one of the most sought after cars in the mid-size sedan segment in the used car markets. 

The car was introduced with a 1.5 litre i-DSI petrol engine. There was no diesel engine from Honda in those days. The car is a good city performer but falls a bit short on the highways. Expected mileage can be between 10-11 kmpl in the city and between 16-17 kmpl on the highway. 

Honda has said that as per norms spares for the car will be available for 15 years and maintaining it is not going to heavy on your wallet. 

Pointers to keep in mind while buying a Used Second-gen Honda City:

-  Accelerate hard in the test drive to check pick up and also that there are no jerks. 
- Get the fuel injector and fuel filter checked.
- Check for sounds from the steering system. An old car could be facing this problem and getting it repaired could cost you around Rs. 20000.
- A minor service at 5000 km could cost Rs. 5000 and a major service at 40000 kms could cost Rs. 11000. So check the kms and service history.
- Most importantly, check that the kms displayed on the odometer are correct. As this car is high in demand , dealers are known to play around with the odometer and sell off the car as a very less run/used car. 

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