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Alpine A110

Alpine A110

Alpine A 110
Rally driver Jean Redele fitted a Renault 4 CV platform with a glass fibre body in 1955, and called the resulting sports car the Alpine 106. He proved the car`s potential by winning his class in the Mille Miglia with one, and over the next five year build around 150 examples. The prettier A 108 was  introduced in 1958 and the shape of the A198 coupe` was refined for the most significant Alpine of all, the A110 in 1962.
Like theA 108, the new car was built on  a steel backbone chassis with a rear-mounted engine and the body was glassfibre. But where the A 108 used the 747cc Renualt 4CV engine or later the 845cc Dauphine unit-delivering up to 68 bhp in tuned form-the A110 used engines from the Renault R8 and later the Renault 16. Ultimately ut had 138 bhp at its disposal and coupled with the Alpine`s feather weight ( just 1500 lb/680 kg) that meant shattering performance.
the rearward weight bias created by rear-mounted engine also gave the Alpine excellent traction, which made it a Superb car for the loose -surface special  stage events which were now taking over the navigational tests in the sport of rallying. In fully developed form  it became a regular international rally winner, wrapping up the  inaugural world championship for the makes in 1973.

Remarkably, despite the A110`s clear bias towards competition- it was noisy,and tricky to handle for a road car- more than 8000 were built in a 14 year production run which continued till 1977. Redele was always more interested in  competition machinery so although a four-seater A 110 GT4 was developed in 1963 it was not pursued beyond 1965 and just 112 were built.


Very effective rally car,Light weight and excellent  traction,workmanlike cockpit reflected bias towards competition. Sold between 1962 and 1977.

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