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Gen X Nano offers new design look compared to Alto K 10

I was planning to buy Alto K 10 or Nano and I made detailed comparisons I would like to share the same with you. Alto K 10 has more  conventional and  olde designs. Whereas Nano Gen X offers some new and unconventional design. You remember, Hyundai came out with  Santro before few y more...

Nano Gen X has less power as compared to Alto

I compared Tata Nano and Alto K 10 and both the vehicles are  for intracity commuting. Nano`s 624 cc  two cylinder engine is no match for  Alto`s 998 cc engine with more bhp. Performance figures are  als indicate that  Alto has better speed than Nano. Nano takes  37.86 seconds to reach 100 more...

Alto can hold higher speed as compared to Nano Gen X

I tested Alto K 10 and Nano Gen X on the highways and found that  Alto can reach and hold  higher speed on the highways  as compared to Nano but i the city traffic. I found Nano to have more  driving convinience. Cabin space is also much better in Nano and entire look from inside an more...

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