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This is the stuff that dreams are made of. An iconic brand offering the best of their exotic creations to us Indians. As usual, we can?t afford them, but for those of you who can, here?s what you get. First off, the Monster-one of the best-known motorcycles in the world., it has evolved better than Homo Sapiens have. The 696, 1100and 1100s are what you get in ascending order of coolness, though the 696 is likely to be more than enough for our conditions. Then you?ve got the utterly insane looking Streetfighter, which also has an equally mad 155bhp. In a naked! There is also a hopped-up ?S? version available for those who want cooler parts but really, how much more cooler can it get? Then there is the Sport Classic range, comprising of the Sport 1000S and three version of GT 1000. These two bikes evoke the historic styling of Ducatis From the 70s, but with more reliable underpinnings. Period look powered by 992cc 92bhp V-twins? Bring it on! Now we move on to more serious stuff. The Hypermotard is a BIG supermoto that is powered by the e1078cc 95bhp V-twin, for India. Nope, no 796. It promises loads of tail-out fun and will generally bring out the Mr Hyde in you. Then there is the 848, which is actually 849cc and provides 134bp along with seamless V-twin torque in a package weighing just 168 kg. Perfect supersport bike for India, we say. And finally, the king of Ducatis-the 1198. What you get is an unimaginable 170bhp from just two cylinders displacing around 600cc each! Of course, this being the flagship, it gets what is probably the best engine management system among superbikes and of course, drop dead gorgeous styling. You also get the 1098, but in ?R? spec, the top-of-line version of the previous iteration being sold to clear stocks. Here?s hoping that Desmondromic valvetrains become more of regularity in India!

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