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Hero Honda?s 150cc trinity shares the same basic platform, but they couldn?t have been more different. The Achiever is perhaps the most under-rated motorcycle in the Indian market today, in spite of being better than ever before. Over the years, it?s got alloys and nifty graphics to keep it fresh, while pricing remains competitive. Then there is the X-Treme, which is probably the most fun Hero Honda ever made. Throttle response is electric, while the engine has enough juice to keep you entertained. Oh, and the handling is awesome. However, if you cannot digest the looks (we still can?t), you?ve got the Hunk. It has all the X-Treme?s traits, albeit in much better looking package. However, it?s also slightly slower as well. Though they do lack features when compared to their rivals, you really can?t go wrong with any of these bikes.

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