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Chevrolet Cruze v/s Volkswagen Jetta v/s Skoda Laura

There are several things that make the Jetta truly special. Its tank-like build quality, the unrivaled sense of security it gives and small details like the beautifully damped glove box tell you how over-engineered this car is. However, at Rs 16.2 lakh, it is the most expensive car of this bunch and with its dull interiors and conservative styling it lacks a certain sense of excitement that owners will demand from it. The Cruze offers plenty of excitement. It looks sharp, both inside and out, has fantastic performance and is packed with equipment. However, it?s not a comfy as its rivals, it doesn?t have the same exemplary road behavior and the interior quality is not convincing. But at Rs 14.7 lakh, it makes a strong case for itself. The Cruze undoubtedly offers the best value for money and for the price is a great buy. But it?s the Skoda that blends the right ingredients to come up with the best balance. The striking styling and classy, well-built interiors give it panache. It is comfy and acceptably refined, while the ride and handling balance is the best of lot. The fact that it is the most frugal and priced exactly halfway between the Cruze and the Jetta also helps. Now all that Skoda needs to do is improve customer service.

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