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TVS Apache RTR 160Fi

Had been without a bike for quite some time and desperately needed a good set of wheels to fulfill my longing for a motorcycle. What could have been better than being handed the keys of the Apache RTR 160FI. I was jumping around like a kid when I was given the RTR and I was finally on a bike that makes you grin inside your helmet all along the way. When I received the bike it was in a very good condition. The first thing I loved about the bike was its sound. The engine had a raw growl to it that is somewhat unique to the Fi. Next I took it on a 26km ride to my home and I was surprised seating position. It doesn?t put much pressure on your wrist while breaking and is quite forgiving on your back. The RTR handles city traffic and right spots on the road quite well thanks to its smooth power delivery. Being a 160cc, I thought that it won?t be able to face the highways quite as easily as the bigger bikes. However, I was amazed at the way it performed don my short stint to Lonavala and back. It was rock steady as the Speedo indicated 110+ km/h. but the best part has to be its fuel economy, which with my riding style is a decent 48-50kmpl.

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