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Gen X Nano offers new design look compared to Alto K 10

I was planning to buy Alto K 10 or Nano and I made detailed comparisons I would like to share the same with you.
Alto K 10 has more  conventional and  olde designs. Whereas Nano Gen X offers some new and unconventional design. You remember, Hyundai came out with  Santro before few years and that time Tall boy design was some thing unique. Similarly Nano Gen X design, its rear engine, rearwheel drive  layout makes it only car in the country . Alto K 10 has  old  two box profile and front wheel drive engine ,nothing new. Atleast, we cannot change certain things ( Wife ) but like to  have young and energetic car. Alto K 10 has mismatch of shapes and  angles and donot quite gel together properly.

Paramjeet , New Delhi.

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