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Ford figo 2015 Review: Interiors

Ford figo 2015 Review:: Not so  eye catching interiors.

I tood test drive of new Ford Figo 2015 and I am totally disappointed. First  the design is very old and except small change in grille design other changes are just superficial. Have a look at rear seat and you will find that it is  not split. If you wish to  expand luggage area, you will have to down entire rear seat. So there is loss of three seats for expanding luggage area.

 The seats could have been better designed. Even if Ford Engineers look at the other models, they will find large number of design concepts. But they appear to have Hindustan Motors mentality.  Donot look at out side world.

Dash board design and theme is also out dated.  The seating position could have been better with minimum efforts.
Yes Cabin noise level is well containted for a car in the B segment.

Rohan Monali, Panipat

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