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Audi A6 e-tron : concept electric vehicle unveiled [Apr 19, 2021]

Audi A6 e-tron : concept electric vehicle  unveiled
Yesterday, Mercedes-Benz unveiled their upcoming new SUV, now Audi aims to go one up by showcasing their A6 e-tron concept car. The Audi A6 e-tron model is on display at the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show 2021.
The Audi A6 uses an all-new PPE ( Premium Platform Electric) chassis. This chassis will further spawn two new B- and C-segment SUVs. 
Audi engineers have ensured that the car stays as much as close to the regular model. For this, the length of the car is 4.96 metres, 1.96 metres in width and a height of 1.44 metres has been kept. Higher ground clearance is what Audi promises for these SUVs and for the new A6 e-tron, a lower ride height. 
A drag coefficient of just 0.22cW means the ability to cut through air will be tremendous in this Audi and that too while expending the least energy possible. The car has been given a smooth flowing line design to maximise efficiency and it also has short overhangs and 22-inch wheels. 
The side of the car also has LED projectors that greet the occupants in their chosen language. In fact, the car has lot of projectors around and their function includes warning pedestrians, fellow road users and to also act as innovative turn indicators. Not only these, the aforementioned headlights too double up as cinematic projectors and will allow the user to play video games when the car is facing a wall and is in charging mode. Speaking of which, two electric motors are pushed into service here and together they make 470hp of power and a mammoth 800Nm torque. 
The A6 range is not new to electrification, with the current model boasting plug-in hybrid capability with up to 91km range.Using a 270kW charger, one can charge the vehicle in just 10 minutes for a range of 300km. At the same time, in 25 minutes and using a 100kWh charger will give up to 80 per cent charge.
The range is claimed to be 700km whereas the 0-100kmph figure is dispatched in less than seven seconds.

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