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2020 HYUNDAI I20 REVIEW [Nov 24, 2020]

Quick drive in the new fourth-generation Hyundai i20 tells you much.  The new i20's styling is bold, the engines small but powerful, the technology packed in up to the window sills. We've been getting glimpses of the new i20 for several months now, and a walkaround last month revealed several new details. 
Platform :
The new i20 sits on an all new monocoque platform, called the K platform. This is a new lightweight structure, that has a lower kerb weight than the previous generation i20. However tensile strength has gone up by 13 per cent by using more advanced high strength steel. This results in a 66 per cent stronger and thus a safer crash structure & at the same time enhancing fuel efficiency by being lighter.
Body Shape :The body shape also has a lower coefficient of drag, the Cd value stands at 0.33 one of the lowest in the segment & he smoother airflow is one more step in improving fuel efficiency.
Dimensions:The dimensions of the new body structure have also grown. Overall length has increased by 10mm to 3,995mm. Overall width has increased by 41mm to 1,775mm, though height stays the same as the previous generation hatch at 1,505mm. The wheelbase has gone up by 10mm to 2,580mm whereas there is a 30mm increase in track width. All of this has increased interior space with shoulder room increasing majorly and better driving stability.
Safety: Brakes utilise a combination of discs and drums front and back respectively. And adding a large safety net are the six airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), vehicle stability management (VSM) and emergency stop signal (ESS) which switches on the hazard lamps under hard braking.
Hyundai i20 ride and handling
I'm going to ignore the styling and get straight to the handling because this is without a doubt what caught my attention the most. Who ever talks about handling and Hyundai in the same breath? For years it has been an area ignored by both Hyundai and its consumers. You looked at Hyundai as the forebearer of affordable technology and features, that you only accessed in large premium cars. Surprisingly, here is a car that steers attention away from the gear and gadgets to a more engineered character.
The new i20's suspension setup  is run-of-the-mill . MacPhersons at the front and a coupled torsion beam at the rear with gas-charged shock absorbers . Not revolutionary. This sort of setup however has several benefits,  especially for smaller cars. The principal benefit being  you get the closest feel to a multi-link suspension at a more affordable price point. Then there is durability, reliability, and more. 
Aiding the stability and improved control is an increase in the dimensions of the i20. Both wheelbase and track have got longer to provide a larger more stable footprint on the ground. 
The electric power steering :  It's quick to turn, and every move from the steering is supported by the tyres that cling to tarmac with a vice-like grip. Turning radius for the new i20 has also dropped down to 5.12 metres from 5.23 metres compared to the older i20.
Hyundai i20 engine and performance
The turbo kicks in around 1,800rpm, and it then picks up pace rapidly
Once past the 1,800rpm mark though, and the new i20 is wonderfully quick, with the gearing tuned to take it well past a 160kmph with ease, 
Hyundai i20 features
New 10.23-inch HD touch screen that sits above the dashboard,the latest iteration of BlueLink, You also get an air filtration system that maintains the AQI inside your car. Wireless charging, voice command operations, tilt and telescopic adjustable steering, a smart watch and a Bose sound system are a few more key highlights in the feature list depending on the variant.
Hyundai i20 styling
It does have some very strong styling elements. The wrap around headlamps, the glossy mirror finished grille, the rear lamps, the 16-inch alloys, these are all very stylish bits and lend the new i20 with a premium look and feel. 
Hyundai i20 interiors
Even in the cabin, there are certain elements that deserve top billing.The ribbed dashboard effect looks much better in images than in the flesh. It certainly makes the cabin look wider, but the quality of materials could have certainly been better, especially the quality of the plastic blow the ribbing. 
Some of the better, but I'm sure ignored elements, will be the thick edges at the window sill near the A-pillar which flows fluidly into the windscreen area. It makes the car feel more European. Visibility is top notch from that large windscreen and the A-pillar does not impede vision. The seats are also well cushioned and supportive though I'd appreciate it having adjustable lumbar support and ventilation would have added significantly more value. The new i20 increases in interior roominess, principally adding more shoulder and knee room to enhance passenger comfort. The rear bench is also expansive with good under thigh support and a backrest that is sufficiently raked to provide adequate support and comfort over long distances.
Hyundai i20 first impressions
The all-new i20 elevates the premium hatchback proposition & now that it has received the fantastic array of new engines and transmissions, upgraded its chassis, added a plethora of new features, it promises to bring a whole lot more value and pleasure to prospective customers. 
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