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Tata Nano (Diesel)
Expected Launch Date: Mar 2017

The Nano managed to capture the public's imagination, but it didn't manage to capture the sales charts in quite the same way. Tata has tried everything to improve the numbers, right from offering discounts to limited editions with added features and even mid-life facelift, but unfortunately things haven’t changed much. Now however Tata is working on a new version, one that will set the statistics right and give the Indian carmaker more than a fighting chance in the slowing auto market – the Nano diesel.

The new small car will be the least expensive diesel model in the country, and that will be its biggest USP. The prices will be significantly higher than that of the petrol model, but will compete with the top-end petrol versions of its competitors. The Nano diesel is expected to remain unchallenged for a while, as most manufacturers are working on diesel versions only in the B-Segment. The prices of the diesel Nano are expected to start around Rs 2.5 lacs, while the top-end variant will cost around Rs 3.25 lacs.

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