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Ford Sunliner 1956

Ford Sunliner 1956 Ford Company used the Sunliner name for its full sized convertibles in the time period between 1950 to 1960.

The cars were:
Ford Crestline Sunliner
Ford Fairlane Sunliner
Ford Galaxie Sunliner

The car enjoyed an 11 year long production run but amongst this the 1965 Sunliner was amongst the best hits of those times. It still continues to remain one of the most coveted convertibles from Ford for many enthusiasts. The car featured Lifegaurd Design safety which included padded dashboard cover, padded sun visors, steering wheels and columns and seat belts. 

The variants introduced by Ford were Custom, Custom 300, Fairlane and Fairlane 500. Transmission options were  3 speed manual, 3 speed automatic and  2 speed automatic. 

The car was quite long and measured 5169 mm. The car was understated, glittering and glamorous and Ford had a winner on its hands. The car was available in 19 exotic pastel shades - shades that you dont see on cars these days. Ford produced 58,147 Sunliners in 1956. 

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