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A car that is better than the best - Mercedes Maybach S600

This is Maybach’s second innings in India. The first time around the launch coincided with the financial collapse in the US and hence the launch fell flat.

But this time around the timing is good.  And the car is everything that you can hope for and more. It is seriously impressive. The car is better than the best. And I could go on……

The S-Class from Merc’s stable is touted as the ‘Best Car in the World’ and to better it, Mercedes has gone a step ahead. The Maybach  competes against the Rolls Royce and Bentley the uber luxurious limousines in the world. Just as the AMG sub-brand of Mercedes is now synonymous with performance cars, Merc is striving to brand the Maybach as the ultraluxury sub-brand.

Looking at the dimensions of the Maybach S600, it is the S Class overstretched. The Maybach is longer than S Class by 207 mm. The exterior design makes it very clear that the car is the S-Class’s elder brother. Only the grill design and bumper make it different from the S Class. Of course, the length of the car is a diffrentiator.

Coming to the interiors, the cabin of the Maybach S600 is supremely luxurious. Merc has spared no effort. It lives upto the competitors like the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Bentley Flying Spur if it does not surpass. The car is fitted with the best Nappa leather, pure wood and chrome of the perfect shade. The cabin oozes luxury, class, elegance and refinement from all the buttons and dials if I may say so.

The seats redefine comfort and you may not want to get out of them when you reach your destination. The left rear seat (it is assumed that this is where the owner of the car will be seating) is where the most of the comfort and luxury options are directed. The rear seats are single seats and not a bench seat. It comes fitted with massage options. The cup holder in the middle can cool or warm your tea/coffee/water just the right temperature. And….. you also have an option to get the car fitted with a mini-fridge.

The left rear seat has a button which can push the front passenger seat forward, the seat can recline so that the rear passenger’s face is hidden behind the C-pillar and an ottoman comes out to support the passenger’s feet. Even though, hardly any owner will sit in the driver’s seat, it is also fitted with a super comfortable seat with massage options to boot. The cabin is one of the quietest cabins in India currently and it cuts off the people seating completely from the hustle and bustle outside.

The backseat get a 10 inch display and the car also boasts 1540 watt Burmester sound system with 24 speakers. The tech bits list for the driver seems endless and I think Merc should offer a week long course to the chauffer to teach him how to use all this tech. 5 different fragrances including a signature fragrance specially for the Maybach S Class plus 7 different shades of ambient lights is what a Maybach owner may expect and gets. The car also has an optional Magic Sky Control, where the roof changes color from dark to transparent at a touch of a button. The passengers can enjoy the weather as and when they wish.

Magic Vision Control automatically adjusts the amount of washer fluid dispensed to the prevailing conditions, e.g. the ambient temperature or degree of soiling. When operating while the panoramic sliding sunroof is open, the amount of washer fluid is actively reduced to avoid spraying the interior. Heating of the washer fluid reservoir and all the hoses effectively protects the system against icing-up, ensuring easier cleaning of the windscreen even in low temperatures. The heated wiper blades also prevent the blades from becoming clogged with snow.

The car is fitted with 6 litre biturbo V12 engine that delivers humungous power – specially when cruising. This is the first time for the 5980 cc biturbo engine in India. The car delivers 523 PS of power and 830 Nm of torque. The car moves to 0-100 kmph in 5 seconds. Considering the kerb weight of this car , this is a feat. The car has a very linear power delivery. Taking the corners at high speeds could be a risk considering the bulk of this car and body roll is apparent in such cases. However, even that can be controlled if you shift to the Sport Mode. The Magic Body Control function scans the roads and prepares the suspension to deal with it so that you remain oblivious to trivial matters such as potholes and bumps.

People shelling out Rs. 2.65 crores for a car may not be concerned but for the knowledge of everyone else, the car gives a mileage of 4 kmpl in the city against the government stated 13 kmpl.

But what a car it is !!!

A true value for money… if buying something this expensive can be called value for money!! If you have the money and the heart to buy this car .. go for it !!

- Jainee P. Gordhandas
  Automobile Analyst

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