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Maruti Baleno vs. Hyundai i20 Elite vs. Honda Jazz

Here comes the Baleno !!! Once again…. But this is not the sedan but a premium hatchback. Maruti continues its foray into the premium space with the upcoming launch of the Maruti Baleno. Just on the heels of the S Cross, the Baleno is being launched on 26th October and the company has already started bookings of the car.

The company must have had its reasons but I wonder, why not launch it just four days earlier and take benefit of the auspicious day of Dusshera when bookings and deliveries happen in a huge number.

Anyway, coming back.. so not much is still known about this car but from what we do know, the design of the car is based on Liquid Flow technology. Seems like you have heard it somewhere doesn’t it???? Why couldn’t Maruti be a lttle more innovative and NOT make it sound like Fluidic design technology that Hyundai has been using on its successful car designs. (facepalm)

As you must have made out, the car will compete against the Honda Jazz and the Hyundai i20 Elite and Maruti will have to put it’s A game to compete successfully against both these cars.

Honda and Hyundai both companies are known for producing cars which are very refined and have an amazing fit and finish. Also, Hyundai offers a lot of tech on its cars

This is where Maruti has to compete the hardest. The ace up Maruti’s sleeve could be pricing the car competitively as only Maruti can do and still offering the finish and refinement like a Honda and Hyundai. We are waiting with bated breath…

Comparing the cars, all the three cars provide a 1.2 litre petrol engine . But in case of diesel , the Jazz has the most powerful diesel engine at 1.5 litres, followed by the i20 Elite at 1.4 litre and the Baleno at 1.3 litres. The Baleno will be fitted with a completely new platform developed by Maruti.

Till now Honda was the only car offering the CVT option, now even the Baleno will come with a CVT option with its petrol engine. Hyundai i20 Elite is the only car in this segment which offers only a manual transmission option.

Dimensions wise, the Jazz and Baleno are equal in length but the i20 is a tad shorter. But owing to the design on the Baleno this car appears to be the largest one amongst the three. The Baleno also has the highest width but the least wheelbase. So it remains to be seen how this lesser wheelbase will impact the seating space in the cabin.

Maruti also has the highest boot space in the segment. Again this might impact the space in the cabin. Another place where Maruti scores the most is the ground clearance.

Maruti Baleno will be available with 4 trims – Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha and with six colour options.  This car will also be sold exclusively through the Nexa showrooms along with the S Cross.
Technical Specifications :

  Maruti Baleno Honda Jazz Hyundai i20 Elite
Engine Options 1.2 litre petrol /1.3 litre diesel 1.2 litre petrol /1.5 litre diesel 1.2 litre petrol /1.4 litre diesel
Transmission 5 speed Manual /CVT Available 5 Speed Manual with Reverse
(CVT Available)
5 Speed Manual
(CVT/ AT Not Available)
Suspension Front McPherson Strut with Coil Spring McPherson Strut with Coil Spring McPherson Strut with Coil Spring
Suspension Rear Torsion Beam with Coil Spring Torsion Beam with Coil Spring Couples Torsion Beam Axle with coil spring
Brakes Front Disc Disc Disc
Brakes Rear Drum Drum Drum
Price Range (Rs) 5.5- 9 lacs (expected) 5.34- 8.60 lacs 5.34- 8.30 lacs

  Maruti Baleno  Honda Jazz  Hyundai Elite i20
Length 3995 mm 3995 mm 3985 mm
Width 1745 mm 1694 mm 1734 mm
Height 1470 mm 1544 mm 1505 mm
Wheelbase 2520 mm 2530 mm 2570 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm 165 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 355 litres 354 litres NA
Post Launch Update : Check Variant wise price comparison between tthe three cars HERE

- Automobile Analyst
 Jainee P. Gordhandas

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