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Renault Kwid vs. Maruti Alto vs. Hyundai Eon

The new kid on the block ‘Kwid’ is finally here… and will it shake up the market?? Everyone is waiting with bated breath as this car will compete in the highly cut-throat world of the entry level car segment. Till a few years ago the market leader was Maruti… a company considered an expert in the small car world.

But , with the introduction of Hyundai Eon came a new option for people looking for an alternative small car with better finishing and refinement than what Maruti ever offered.

But with the launch of the Kwid, it is an all new ballgame. For the first time , a company has brought SUV like dimensions in the world of small cars. Renault as a company has enjoyed much success with the Duster and hence paved the way for the Kwid. The company now has much better brand recall , marketing and sales and service presence in India. But will it be able to dent the ever popular Alto and Eon ?? Let’s take a look :

Design and Looks

The French car maker has brought a revolution to the small car segment by launching the SUV in the miniature format. The car looks cute, as small cars should, but at the same time has a planted stance because of the SUVish design. The curves are enticing and it gives a more upmarket feel to the car in comparison to the barebones look of the Alto and cute looking Eon.

The interiors of the Kwid look really nice with black glossy finish. The AC vents get a chrome finish which is a good add on in a car in this segment.

Space wise, Kwid is the most spacious car in this segment hands down. Another plus for entry level car buyers with a family of 5.

Engine and drive

When it comes to the engine and output, the Eon comes out tops. The Eon is fitted with 814 cc engine whereas the Kwid comes with a 799 cc engine and Alto with 796 cc engine. Coming to the drive, the car is setup really well in true Renault fashion. Suspension is good and so is the overall driveability in the city traffic. Alto on the other hand makes you feel like you are driving and sitting in a budget car, which is not the case with Kwid and Eon.


Eon has a minor edge over the other two in terms on engine capacity. But is it enough ? Specially when you take a look at the price tag . In the small car segment, a few thousand rupees can make a difference and Renault has priced the Kwid to break the market of Alto with better refinement and Eon with better pricing. Also the overall refinement, best in class space all add to the attractiveness of this new car.

The icing on the cake is that Renault is claiming that they will offer the lowest ownership cost in its segment. The reason is the 98 per cent localization done by the company.

So , all we have to say is that Maruti and Hyundai beware…. The ‘Kwid’ is here !!!

Technical Specifications :

  Renault Kwid Maruti Alto Hyundai Eon
Engine Capacity(Petrol) 3-cyl, 799cc 3-cyl, 796cc 3-cyl, 814cc
Power 53bhp @ 5678rpm 47bhp @ 6000rpm 55bhp @ 5500rpm
Torque 72Nm @ 4386rpm 69Nm @ 3500rpm 75Nm @ 4000rpm
Transmission 5-speed manual 5-speed manual 5-speed manual
Fuel Efficiency(kmpl) 25.17 22.74 21.1

Dimensions :

  Renault Kwid Maruti Alto Hyundai Eon
Length (mm) 3679 3395 3515
Width (mm) 1579 1490 1500
Height(mm) 1478 1475 1510
Wheelbase(mm) 2422 2360 2380
Ground Clearance (mm) 180 160 170
Price wise comparison
Renault Kwid Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Hyundai Eon
Std 2.56 lakh Std 2.56 lakh D-lite 3.14 lakh
RXE 2.88 lakh LX 2.92 lakh D-lite+ 3.40 lakh
RXE (O) 2.94 lakh LXI 3.15 lakh Era+ 3.54 lakh
RXL 3.11 lakh LXI airbag 3.31 lakh Magna+ 3.85 lakh
RXT 3.44 lakh VXI 3.28 lakh Sportz 4.13 lakh
RXT (O) 3.53 lakh VXI airbag 3.47 lakh - -

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