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Rolls Royce plans to bring Dawn to India in 2016 [Oct 09, 2015]

Premium luxury car maker has unveiled the new open top model Dawn and plans to bring it to India in 2016.

This is the second time that the company is using the Dawn moniker. It was first used in 1949 and sold 28 units between 1950 and 1954. 

Furthermore, the company is looking forward to bringing Indian billionaires in the Rolls Royce Club and may add an SUV in its lineup soon.

Rolls Royce is owned by Germany's luxury carmaker BMW and sells cars in the range of Rs.4.5 crores to Rs. 9 crores. 

Currently, the company sells the Ghost Series II , Wraith and Phantom in India. The Ghost is priced starting from Rs.4.5 crores, the Wraith at Rs. 4.6 crores, the Phantom prices start from Rs. 9 crores. 

And sky is the limit in the case of these cars as further escalation on the prices depends on the level of customisation required.

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