Expert's Guidance

A slow selling car will automatically translate into lower values in the used car market.You can buy a Sonata Embera for the price of a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla, cars which are a segment below the Embera. However, the Sonata does not have the same upmarket image as that of its rival, Honda Accord. 

The Embera has strong , clean lines and looks handsome from all angles , the minus side being that it does not have a very involving drive. It has a big boot and split seats for added convenience.The  factor of leather upholstery and soft-touch dashboard add to the luxurious feel.

Watch out for any body damage and scruffy cabin and patchy alloys and unaligned suspension ,all of which will be expensive to fix.Ensure that all electrics work well, especially the automatic climate control as it could turn out to be an expensive job to fix later. The spare parts are easily manageable and are cheapest in this segment.

A must while buying is th full service history which is essential to enjoy the balance of the oiginal warranty.

Current prices for different models are :

Year    Rs.
2005    7,25,000
2006    9,00,000
2007    11,00,000


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