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basic, square shaped and utterly out-dated in comparison to the current swish set of SUVs , but car enthusiasts would beg to differ. Qualities such as high ground clearance, low-range gearbox, grippy tyres and a hoot to drive make it a quintessential SUV , also a firm favorite of the armed forces. 

The Gypsy was launched in 1985 and hasn't changed much in terms of basic structure since then. The body frame is bolted on the antiquate leaf spring suspension , which ensures that the smallest of bumps will filter through to the cabin. But the worst part is that it only comes with the petrol engine.

Stay away from Gypsys with Nissan and Toyota diesel motors are spares are difficult to find. Be on the lookout for noise which indicates a loose or worn-out body mounting bolt.Some gypsys also wander off from a straight line: this means that the leaf spring bushes are worn out.

Also checkout the car for corrosion ,which the Gypsy is not very good at avoid . Key areas are around the door hinges, the bottom end of the front doors and the sills.

The Gypsy comes without a factory-fitted AC, so if the car you are looking at has one it will be aftermarket fitting. keep the AC on for a while to check for consistent cooling along with any water leaks inside the cabin , which will be irritating to fix.

If you are planning to buy one with a soft top , it will require a replacement every two years which will cost you Rs. 5000.

Be sure that the car is not an army discard , otherwise it will require a major overhaul. The best part about the Gypsy is that spares are easily available and light on the pocket.

Prices that are currently seen in the market for different models  are:

Year     Rs.
2001    1,60,000
2002    1,90,000
2003    2,50,000
2004    3,00,000

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