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  • How to rotate your car tyres
  • You need to rotate your tyres during every oil change or annually , whichever comes first. The overwhelming majority of the car-buyers have front engine, front wheel drive cars. If you have a hatch... more

  • What does fine-tuning your car mean?
  • Car tuning is extremely popular but the uninitiated motorist should research the topic carefully to avoid not only wasting money but also damaging the car.

    Ever since the motor vehicle w... more

  • How to maintain your car in best shape-Part 1
  • There are no shortcuts to maintaining a car well and the exercise does require a little effort. But I can assure you, every rupee & minute spent on your car's upkeep will be recovered through a... more

  • How to maintain your car in best shape-Part 2
  • Minimising Abuse:

    • If your destination entails very poor roads or horrible parking conditions, cab it up! This strategy works even for outstation trips. My neighbour ... more

  • How to maintain your car in best shape-Part 3
  • Keeping her Mechanically Tight:

    • Maintain a detailed service history & schedule. As your car logs on the kms, this will serve as a ready reckoner and guide.
    ... more

  • How to maintain your car in best shape-Part 4
  • Schedule, Parts & Labour:

    • Stick to manufacturer-recommended service guidelines. Pay extra attention to critical items like the timing belt replacement.
    <... more

  • Before you get your car modified...
  • • Remember to practice SAFE DRIVING on public roads! With additional power comes the need for additional responsibility. Keep the racing restricted to track days and in other forms of competition... more

  • How to modify your car - Stage 1
  • 1. Upgrade tyres and alloy wheels:

    Before adding more power to your car, it must have the adequate grip levels for current & future power delivery. Alloy wheels ... more

  • How to modify your car - Stage 2
  • 1. Performance suspension kits:

    With the additional power that your engine is churning out by now, increased grip levels are a must. There are plentiful branded opti... more

  • How to modify your car - Stage 3
  • 1. Performance brake systems:

    By the time you reach stage three, chances are that your current braking power is ineffective toward handling the additional engine pun... more