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Hero Honda Karizma

The Karizma has been an unfailing and forgiving ally. Never min flooded streets in torrential monsoon rains, it has never failed to start. The bike endears everyone who drives it .The red wheels take some getting used to it initially , but gradually you come to love the looks of this bike. On the move, its sure-footed and balance and toque has made a fan out of every driver. The brakes are always spot on in every situation. It's a quality product , which looks and feels expensive which is not a bad thing. The Karizma's strength are many and you begin to appreciate the little things more and more after you drive it for a few months.Simple things like a in-dash digital clock and vibe-free mirrors are ever so useful when you are on those long rides. However, a major grouse is the headlight.With a poor beam and not much penetration , riding the Karizma at night on the highway is a complete no-no. The seat could get slightly painful if you spend more than a couple of hours at a stretch in the saddle.And the rear drum brake tended to squeal in the monsoon. The exhaust note is a touch too bland. If run properly, the bike can give a fuel efficiency of 32 kpl.The bike is easy to ride and fast inter city bike.

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